Personified Ads are the Post-Cookie path for Publishers

Personified ads, explained

If you are a publisher, personified advertising may well be the blueprint needed for a sustainable future. The daunting challenge lies in how publishers refortify themselves to make up for revenue lost due to the disappearance of third-party cookies and the tightening of global privacy regulations. We have already witnessed a large drop in RPM, or revenue per page, on environments like Safari or Firefox because of those IDs fading away, leaving publishers with a bulk of non-qualified impressions.

And as we move into 2023, the good news for publishers is that there is already a growing number of open web monetization offerings built upon an unshakable and sincere respect for user privacy. And while next-gen contextual targeting solutions are readily available, they fall short in truly understanding the target audience. The market is crying out for a new solution that offers scale, sustainability and performance that goes beyond the capabilities of contextual and semantic.

Personalised Advertising for more effective marketing spend

The best-in-class solutions have created technology built on a foundation of consented user data, layered with near-real-time comprehension of digital user habits and behaviors that are in-depth and nuanced. This can be done at scale by defining millions of domains, apps and personas. The relevance of these insights is never compromised, as this data is constantly revised and validated by large user panels. This targeting is then refined using delivery and performance data from ongoing campaigns.

Memorable ad formats are the name of the game

The personified advertising era will spark innovation in formats created for a superior user experience that are not only viewable but also memorable. By deploying these formats across environments, publishers will see their ad revenue veer upward while simultaneously preserving user experience and privacy.

Source: Adexchanger